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Build stronger communities and fight climate change

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Community solar provides the benefits of locally produced, affordable clean energy without any equipment to install or upfront fees. Anybody who pays an electric bill can subscribe to a solar project in their area, helping to build stronger communities and fight climate change.
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Here’s how it works:

  We find a solar project in your community with the idea that it will produce local jobs, affordable power, and enhance the local environment.

  Once the project is nearly up and running, we reach out to you, members of our community. We need your participation to make community solar a success.

  Most of us have a subscription to a magazine or streaming music. Now you can “subscribe” to a community solar project in your neighborhood, or at least not too far away. The main requirement is that you live in the same utility territory as the solar project. For instance, if your utility is BGE, you’re eligible to sign up for any of our projects located where BGE supplies electricity.

  You can get through the whole subscription process on our website, or one of our agents will walk you through it. (Ready to schedule a chat with one of our friendly agents? Book an time with us by clicking here.) We assign you to a “block” of solar based on the info you provide. If you have a studio apartment, your block will naturally be smaller than your neighbor’s in her three-story house. The block is meant to cover most of your electricity needs throughout the year.

  Power produced by the solar project flows directly into the electricity grid. We don’t install anything in your home. When the sun doesn’t shine, you’ll get the same power you always did because your utility will continue to serve as your electricity provider.

  The utility is still responsible for maintaining your grid connection, ensuring you get electricity 24/7.

  You’ll pay the solar project owner a fixed amount (for each kilowatt hour, or kWh) for the energy produced by the solar block to which you subscribe. You’ll also gain the same amount of “solar credits” on your electricity bill. This means that if you pay for 10,000 kWhs in a given year, your electricity bill will reflect a credit for the dollar amount of 10,000 kWhs over that same year. It’s like virtually spinning your meter backwards!

  By enrolling with us, you secure lower electricity rates and boost the economy in your community.

That’s community solar 101. This is a great to tool to strengthen local economies and fight climate change!

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