You can benefit from Community solar

If you pay a utility bill, you can benefit from community solar – it’s that simple. When you choose solar with us, you become a Solar Neighbor. Here’s how our shared solar projects work:

How community solar works

  We identify a sustainable solar project in your community.

  You sign up for a solar “share” that’s tied to the electricity you use.

  Solar power from the project flows into the utility grid. Nothing is installed or connected at your home.

  The utility credits you for your solar share each month. You pay less than you would have paid the utility for dirty power.

  For every customer who stays on with Neighborhood Sun, we contribute to the Solar Neighbor Benefit Fund. Our Solar Neighbor Benefit Fund helps low and moderate income people be part of community solar. After all, solar should be for everyone, right? Read more here.

Still have questions? Read the nuts and bolts of how community solar works or check out our FAQ.


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