Neighborhood Sun Membership Program

Neighborhood Sun is the only community solar company that puts its members first above all other solar partners. When customers sign up as members, we stand up for your consumer protection, we are fully transparent to ensure you know exactly what you’ve signed up for, and we build stronger communities together. As part of our mission, we’ve established our Solar Neighbor Benefit Fund, which helps low- and moderate-income people get access to solar just like everyone else. Our primary goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We will be your voice in the community solar world, standing up for you whenever needed.

What is our membership program?

When you sign-up for solar through Neighborhood Sun, you are doing more than supporting local clean energy. You are becoming a member of a group that helps bring solar access to all, and that strengthens our communities in a variety of ways. There is no cost to membership – it’s free for all subscribers. But being a member is more than a title. First and foremost, we are your local champion protecting your rights. We are the first and hopefully only call you need to make if there are ever any issues with your account or other problems that need resolution. Our single most important goal is 100% member satisfaction. We’ll stand up for your rights. To us, you’re not just a customer, but a valued member of our community.

Member benefits

Here are some additional membership benefits that we provide, or will provide in the future.
  1. Membership-only meetings with company leaders. We want to hear your voice and get your input on company direction.
  2. Special access. A membership advocate on staff who will ensure that members can access company management.
  3. Solar Neighbor Benefit Fund. We donate money each year to a fund to support low- and moderate-income residents participating in community solar.
  4. Educational events. We will have member-only invites to learn from local environmental and civic leaders about important issues, or about other ways you can tread a little lighter on the planet.
  5. Discounts and special offers at participating businesses. We believe in supporting local businesses, and will work to provide incentives for our members to do that.

How you can increase your impact

As a member of our community, we need your help to spread the word about community solar so that more people have access to clean, renewable energy. We are looking for Solar Captains to be local leaders. If you work at the grassroots level and want to involve your constituency with solar power, now is the time. Help us spread the word to your organization’s constituents. You’ll get that pleasant, “I-did-something-good-for-the-planet” feeling. Which is great, but we know that money talks! That’s why we’ll also pay you for your efforts. Fill out whatever info you have into the form below and we’ll get back to you.


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