Solar Neighbor Benefit Fund

What is our Solar Neighbor Benefit Fund?

Our Solar Neighbor Benefit Fund is one of the (many) ways we work to support our community. We contribute money to this fund so low- and moderate-income residents can receive the benefits of community solar. Neighborhood Sun is dedicated to ensuring that all of our community members can access clean energy, not just the select few.

How does it work?

Each year, as more people like you become community solar customers and join our membership, we’ll contribute money to the Fund and report where the resources are directed. The partner organization that we’ll support with the Fund will directly help low- and moderate-income people in our community participate in community solar. Once contributions are made, we’ll share with you, our members, how the Fund has made a difference.

Why is it important?

Low- and moderate-income people are at the front lines of the battle against climate change. Environmental racism needs to be replaced by environmental justice, where the most vulnerable members of our society have access to the cleanest, best energy sources instead of the polluting coal and gas plants that often surround their neighborhoods. Climate change impacts everyone, especially the most vulnerable, so everyone needs to be involved in the solution. Clean energy shouldn’t just be for the select few.

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