We're a force for good

We’re a force for good!

For us, running a business is all about leading by example to show that for-profit companies can (and should) be a force for good. That’s why we became a certified B Corp. The certification means that our commitment to being a better kind of business is real. We don’t just talk about doing the right thing, it’s baked into our corporate DNA.

We’re proud of our B-Corp business assessment score and will constantly work to improve it. Here are just a few of the things we do to be a force for public good:
  • We welcome feedback from our stakeholders at large (potential customers, local nonprofits, investors, etc.).
  • We publish our social and environmental report each year.
  • We established a Board of Directors for company oversight.
  • Neighborhood Sun is more than 25% owned by women.
  • A minimum of 30% of our suppliers’ businesses are owned by racial minorities, women, and/or low-income people.
  • Each of our employees or contractors has dedicated at least 10 hours of their time to volunteer activities during the most recent B Corp assessment.
  • We donate around 1% of our revenues to a charity.
  • We use a local bank for financial services.
  • We screen our suppliers against their social and environmental performance.
  • Our policies improve waste management and energy efficiency.
  • We offset 100% of our electricity usage through renewable energy credits (RECs).
  • We use water conservation tools.
  • We promote telecommuting.
  • We provide a forum for customer feedback, whether negative or positive.
  • We work to educate people about climate change and clean energy.
  • We are fighting to make solar available to everyone, not just the select few.

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Check out our recent impact report, and read our blog about becoming B Corp certified. Still have questions? Contact us.


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