Solar business services

To all those organizations out there searching for a community solar partner – reach out to us!

We have years of experience and can make the magic happen. This is what we can do for solar developers and for solar-enthusiast communities: customer acquisition, management, partnerships and site development. 

Customer Acquisition

Neighborhood Sun specializes in customer acquisition for clean energy and we’re putting our skills and experience to work in the community solar business. Our unique approach entails working from the ground-up with all the interested stakeholders and local leaders. We know how to work with diverse organizations to create and execute programs to get members and stakeholders to join together for community solar.

Customer Management

We have experience managing a large group of diverse customers, whether it’s monthly billing, customer service, or frequent communication through various platforms. Utilizing Neighborhood Sun will ensure a community solar project is fully subscribed and the customers are happy with their service.


To build community solar projects we partner with community leaders and local grassroots organizations. Are you interested in getting involved? Click here to be in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you!

Site development

Let us take care of finding and developing the most optimal solar site for your community. Through our partnerships and expertise, we can find, evaluate, and do all the engineering and permitting for new solar sites, whether a roof-top or a ground-mount. Do you know of a suitable location we may be able to work with? Let us know by filling out this contact form.


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