Why choose Neighborhood Sun

Why is Neighborhood Sun your best option for community solar?

Neighborhood Sun is the only community solar company that puts its members first above all other solar partners. When customers sign up as members, we become your local champion, protecting your rights as a customer. We help you see through deceptive marketing to ensure you know exactly what you’ve signed up for.

Let’s take it one step further: wouldn’t it be great if your environmentally-minded purchase helped your neighbors who are less fortunate than you are? Yeah, we thought that would be pretty cool too. That’s why we created our “Solar Neighbors” program. When you choose community solar through Neighborhood Sun, you automatically become a Solar Neighbor. For every Solar Neighbor who stays on with us as a customer, we give money to our Solar Neighbor Benefit Fund, which helps low and moderate income members of our community also participate in solar projects. We can’t solve climate change if we don’t have strong, resilient communities that includes everyone, not just the select few.

We know we’re not the only community solar provider out there. But if you want your purchase to truly benefit your community, we’re a pretty solid choice – if we do say so ourselves. Not only through our Solar Neighbor Benefit Fund, but also through our status as a local Maryland shop, started by a guy with deep roots in the community. We’re proud to be the only Maryland-based, socially conscious, clean energy company focused exclusively on community solar. Still not sure? Really get to know us: read our manifesto, and learn how sustainability is baked into our DNA

Concerned about climate change? Looking to make a purchase that actually benefits the environment rather than degrading it? You’re in the right place! Community solar is part of the solution.

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